Have You Found Your Joy?

Living intentionally is a complete approach to living life from the foundational idea that we are 100% in control of everything we experience. In taking ownership and responsibility for everything from our feelings to our health, our fitness to our sleep, we’re empowered to steer our lives in whatever directions we wish!


Living from a place of intention and purpose enables us to create a better future. Would you like to discover your joy? Joy is a reflection of our true, essential nature. It is different than the happiness that we experience from external sources, e.g., a wonderful ice cream. In meditation, I often experience glimpses of my true Self that expresses itself as a quiet joy. We can all experience that and we can learn to bring that experience with us to all areas of life.

In the same way that professional athletes have trainers and coaches that assist the athlete to improve his/her mental and physical performance, coaching can be a huge help in enabling you to discover your joy and then set out a course to bring that joy to all that you do. We’ll work together to bring joy, health and abundance to your life.



What things can coaching help me attain?

I look at coaching as a fast track to health and happiness. Coaching can help you to make good diet, exercise and lifestyle decisions. The physical and emotional changes experienced through working with me can be life altering, and so they should be; that’s precisely your goal. You want to make your life a better one. As you change your way of thinking, you’ll see transformations in your relationships with people and money.  As you improve your diet, exercise and lifestyle, your health will likely take a significant turn for the better.

What kind of coaching does Living Intentionally offer?

I usually call this wellness coaching, but it might be better described as joy coaching or bliss coaching. My approach focuses on a core foundation of diet, exercise, lifestyle and right-mindedness. The way we think and believe shapes our very reality. You’ll learn how to consistently form your thoughts to create the life you want.

The coaching is strongly oriented to aligning physical, emotional and spiritual practices towards a common goal. It’s my firmly held belief that there is no separation of our physical wellness from our emotional wellness. If you are physically ill, there will be emotional manifestations of that experience. Likewise, being emotionally unsettled will eventually cause physical health issues. My approach deals with your health, well-being and your goals under a single, holistic umbrella. The end game? For you to find your joy — your bliss — and help you to cultivate it.



If you’re of a New Age bent, Living Intentionally also offers energy healing sessions that can be experienced instead of or along side a coaching program. I am a Certified Quantum-Touch Level 1 Instructor and offer workshops for those of you wishing to take your healing abilities to the next level.



If coaching or energy healing sound like something you’d like to experience yourself, contact me. Visit the Services page for pricing information. All services are offered in-person or from a distance (e.g., telephone or Skype).