Welcome to the Meditation Audio section of the Living Intentionally online store. Here you’ll find a growing selection of meditation audios that are useful for focusing awareness, relaxing and (soon!) our new Empower-Q™ series of audios that mix guided meditations with powerful affirmations and empowering questions. Visit often and subscribe to our newsletter for all the latest news and information.

Binaural Beat Audio Tracks

Living Intentionally’s binaural beat meditation series uses a combination of binaural beats, isochronic pulses and soundscapes to create profoundly relaxing sensations in the listener. Binaural beats invoke entrainment in the listener and by using a descending “schedule”, the track guides the listener’s brainwaves to slower frequencies. Most listeners find these types of tracks to be extremely relaxing and help improve the ability to focus.

Note: For best results, stereo headphones are required.

Connecting With Source

The Connecting With Source collection comprises three tracks that all offer somewhat different binaural beat/isochronic pulse experiences. All the tracks are intended to assist you to relax and unwind. In doing so, you will improve your focus and ability to concentrate. Connecting With Source features three tracks. You may hear 1-minute samples of each of the tracks below:

  1. Inner Peace    20:00
  2.  One With Nature    25:01
  3.  Summer Day    25:01