The “Inner Game” Coaching Program

lotusWe often need guidance with the choices we make as we work through our healing journey. I have years of experience assisting clients make wise, healthful decisions with regard to diet, exercise and lifestyle. Living Intentionally offers direct, in-person consultations, video-/audio calls over Skype/telephone and ongoing support via e-mail.


An initial consultation is free for us both to evaluate whether we’re a good fit for each other. A year-long coaching program is a big commitment, so an in-depth session is important for us to see how well we communicate and get along. Once we’re satisfied that we’re a good match, we can begin plotting out a program for you that meets your goals and needs.

For coaching, Living Intentionally offers a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. For Digital Downloads, such as audio programs and eBooks, please be aware of our no-warranty/no-refunds policy. For further information, please see our Terms Of Use.

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