Living intentionally is a way of thinking, a way of life, whereby a person takes full responsibility for their own well-being. When one takes responsibility for their own well-being, they no longer feel helpless to create a life that is rich with opportunity, health, happiness and abundance.

Living a life of intention ensures that we make health and lifestyle choices that empower our mind and body to heal and perform at their best. Additionally, we become aware of the relationship between our thoughts and actions that drive the opportunities that come to us through the course of our life. This is typically called synchronicity, but it is also an essential part of Law of Attraction. And how we frame our thoughts is the baseline of manifesting, which is the driver that brings those opportunities — or not! — to us.

Energy Healing

Within the realm of energy healing, Living Intentionally draws upon over 35 years of experience in QiGong, Quantum-Touch®, etheric field balancing and chakra clearing/charging.

Energy healing is one of the world’s earliest approaches to restoring health and well-being. Even in the 21st century, science has difficulty quantifying how it works because science has yet to learn how to even measure life-force energy, let alone describe how one may or may not manipulate it. And yet we know it works. When you’ve been on the receiving end of a good healing session, it can be absolutely profound.

For more information about the services offered, please visit the Services page and use the contact form to reach me with your inquiry. Alternatively, if you already know what you want done and just want to book some time, feel free to visit our online store to purchase either individual or multiple sessions. With each session purchased, my e-mail address will be sent to you so you can contact me when convenient to arrange your sessions.


Start Your Healing Journey

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I believe that lifestyle factors have a huge impact on our ability to regulate our life experience. I strongly believe it’s vitally important for us to learn to put into practice lifestyle enhancements that drive us toward ultimate well-being. Regular exercise, a healthful diet and good sleep hygiene are a great start. Adding some sort of mind/body wellness routine, such as yoga, T’ai Chi or QiGong is very helpful to accelerating one’s healing journey.


As Mike Dooley likes to say, “Thoughts become things.” Living Intentionally enjoys helping people discover how their thoughts create the reality they experience in day-to-day living. The more aware we become of how our thoughts affect our experience, the more we can direct our thinking to create the life we want.

Focused application of intention, lifestyle, nutrition, meditation and energy healing creates a strong foundation upon which we birth a new reality. The consequences of this path are far-reaching. Many sources talk only of manifesting wealth and material abundance, but it goes far beyond that. We can fix our relationships. We can fix our health. We can find abundance in absolutely every area of life. In essence, we can literally master our life and, in doing so, achieve true joy.

While Living Intentionally does not offer formal health- or life coaching services, I’m happy to discuss your situation with you beyond energy healing sessions. In cases where I have had first hand experiences with successful approaches to resolving problems, I’m delighted to share what has worked for me.

Living Intentionally is a firm believer in a full-spectrum, holistic approach to resolving physical, emotional and mental health issues. When considering modalities that may be a best fit for you and your situation, we recommend discussing your choices with a qualified medical practitioner in addition to any practitioners of alternative modalities.