About Trane Francks

For over 35 years, I have explored energy-based healing techniques. In the 1980s, I began taking an interest in the concept of energy healing by way of martial arts. In my studies of martial arts, I sensed an imbalance of spirit: The mismatch of learning how to break people vs the lack of knowledge on how to heal people.

I experienced my first energy healing session from my chiropractor in Toronto. It was literally a life-changing experience for me. The sense of energy was profound and I could feel it rebalancing the flow of my meridians and auric field. I was so moved and impressed by the experience, I asked my chiropractor to teach me. And teach me he did. He just called the technique “energy”. Literally just the most basic name you could imagine. 😆

After some pointers, he sent me off to practice. I did the work on myself at first and soon became quite sensitive to the hills and valleys of the etheric (auric) field. And within a few months, my confidence grew to begin working on others, some of whom were practitioners at the same martial arts dojo at which I studied.

Later, I refined this “Energy” technique into my own approach and christened it, “Etheric Field Balancing”. It is a very fun, mechanical technique that offers both practitioner and client a very intimate experience. While it is not hands-on healing, per se — we’re working with the life-force energies around the body, not directly on it — the sensations can be extremely profound as the client relaxes and opens to experiencing a new level of reality.

In 2006, I began studying Quantum-Touch Basic (Level 1). Subsequently, I took several advanced courses (Supercharging, Core Transformation I and Core Transformation II) and felt a strong resonance with the modality. Quantum-Touch remained a staple of my work, with special emphasis on Core Transformation, which is no longer taught. I am a Certified Quantum-Touch Level 1 Practitioner and Instructor, having taught Quantum-Touch in Japan, USA and Croatia. I am no longer teaching QT, but am still quite familiar with those classical techniques due to using them on a regular basis.

Currently, I am in the midst of incorporating all I have learned over these decades of energy work to create my own modality, Zero-Point QiGong. This QiGong style comprises both energy cultivation/storage techniques and techniques intended for healing oneself and others. Unlike most classical QiGong styles, ZPQ does not utilize a practitioner’s personal energy stores in the transfer of life-force energy to a client. ZPQ, instead, borrows from the likes of Reiki and Quantum-Touch by having the practitioner act as a conduit for universal life-force energy. This makes Zero-Point QiGong extremely safe as a healing modality and does not require the practitioner to spend years mastering cultivation practice before being allowed to begin healing work.

I augment my sensitivity to energy through regular meditation, QiGong sessions and studying internal martial arts.

Living Intentionally offers clients hands-on and distant Quantum-Touch and healing QiGong sessions, chakra clearing/charging and Etheric Field Balancing. All services are offered in English and Japanese.

Healing sessions are available by appointment. Please contact me for details by e-mail. If you’re in the Greater Metropolitan Tokyo area, in-person sessions are available at our salon. For distant healing sessions, sessions can be independent, i.e., client offline during the healing session, or online together with me over Skype Meetings (no Skype account required).

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