soapboxHere you’ll find shout-outs from clients who have worked with Living Intentionally. Over the years, we’ve had many satisfying engagements! When client and practitioner/instructor come together with complementary synergies and purpose, magic happens!

Let’s create together!

“I found that the workshop has not only (helped) my understanding, but also my confidence. Both Trane and his translator are very cautious, friendly and the environment is cozy and at home. Personally, Trane has given us his best and his humorous character has made the class fun and enjoyable.”    –DH

“There is a personal connection and I trust the instructor’s core intentions. Our group was intimate and fun. Nice lightness of spirit.”    –TN

“Trane knows his stuff and teaches it with enthusiasm and confidence.”    –SB

“He has great energy and knowledge.”    –JK

“Instructor was best in communication with students. Wonderful experience.”    –DS

“I love it!!! Thanks QT!”    –KP

“He was very thorough. Great timing, presentation & patience. Encouraging & doesn’t point out mistakes in an embarrassing way.”    –KM

“Growth. Thank you so very much. I never tend to give all excellents to workshops I attend, but you deserve it.”    –SH

“He’s clear, succinct, concise and interesting.”    –WB

“Trane was everything an instructor should be and more: extremely knowledgeable, helpful, interesting and insightful. I was very impressed with Trane’s teaching style! He is, indeed, an asset to Quantum-Touch, and I hope to take another workshop from him soon.”    –CC

“Very effective, knowledgeable and engaging. It was very well done over all — great insights and feedback throughout the workshop.”    –JM

“Really fun, interesting and enlightening. I want to learn more.”    –DW

“Trane is very approachable, non-judgmental & knowledgeable. Easy & comfortable to be around. Great class. Thank you.”    –JM

“Knowledgeable and caring. Took very good care of everyone as individuals.”    –JG

“Very clear, energetic, fun, interesting.”    –KM

“Really enjoyed this weekend. It’s nice to have learned about something that can have a profound effect on my life as well as others. Thank you for your attention and passion around this work.”    –JT

“Trane has a very good energy about him and answered questions simply but with a depth of understanding.”    –KT

“Thank you so much! What a wonderful experience.”    –ES