October 25, 2010 in Health, Manifesting

Feeling Love – Ultimate Age Reversal

You’ve heard it before. You’re in love and when you meet your friend, she blurts out, “You’re positively glowing!” And it’s true. You are. When we feel joy, our cells are replete with biophoton activity. When we’re joyful and loving, our cells release and absorb biophotons at a greatly accelerated rate.

From a cellular or, rather more correctly, from a DNA perspective, this increase in biophoton activity marks a significant increase in the ability for our cellular networks to communicate. This, in turn, has profound effects on the ability of our biological systems to respond to threats and other issues.

Feeling love and joy is the number one means of arresting the ageing process. Your immune system functions optimally. Environmental factors that would cause us problems are handily dealt with in the body before they are an issue. Abundance is drawn to you.  Your weight improves. Your vision improves.

All this from love. Open yourself up to it. Find your joy. “You’re positively glowing!”

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