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Balancing Energy: Working With Chakras and Meridians

In an earlier article, I wrote about how to approach balancing our masculine and feminine energies through looking inwards and understanding the universal archetypal energies. Today, I’ll look at the more esoteric practice of balancing our etheric, subtle energies. There are a lot of different ideas about

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Dancing With Cancer: Take Back Your Health

Cancer. The word instills fear in the hearts of many who have been touched by this event in life. Cancer has visited my family many times over the years. Some have lived to tell about it. Others have fallen by the wayside. And others, still, dance with

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How Sound Heals

We live in an audio-visual world. As such, sound and light have incredible effects on our bodies and even our moods. Sounds and light that are harsh or inappropriately timed can be strongly disruptive to our well-being. Conversely, both sound and light can prove to be wonderfully

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Choose A Healing Modality That Feels Right

One of the things you learn pretty quickly when looking at the realm of alternative healing modalities is that there is a huge selection available. Whether you’re looking for a practitioner with whom to work or wanting to study a modality, the range of techniques and supposed benefits

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Stormy Weather: The Grounding Problem (Or Is It?)

With the departure of summer weather and the closing of the beaches here in Japan, my grounding opportunities have dramatically been reduced. When floating in the surf and riding the waves, walking along the shoreline or sitting in the sand, we are unavoidably grounding and being 100%

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Sungazing: Revisiting and Clarifying

In a recent comment, a reader noted some concern with my potentially negative review of sungazing as a means of cultivating personal energy stores. I think some clarification is in order. I love the sun. I generally follow the day-night cycle such that I am up before

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Sungazing: Do It The Right Way

I love the sun. I don’t go so far as to worship it, but I am fully tuned into our reliance on Sol as a species. Without this humble G3-class star in the Milky Way, we simply would not exist in the form we do now. At

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Thinking Outside the Box (Universe)

The world of high-energy particle physics is a fascinating place where boffins (science types) try to figure out new and improved ways of describing the observable universe. This constantly puts increased demands on the ability of science to observe things and events with ever increasing granularity. To

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Intentional Resting

A few days ago, I found out about something called Intentional Resting, which is an incredibly simple healing modality that was created by Dan Howard. I immediately recognized its usefulness and definitely recommend checking out the site and its intro video. Culturally, few of us really learn

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Dealing With Autoimmune Disorders

Autoimmune disorders are an unwelcome and relatively new set of health challenges that a growing number of people face in their lifetime. My family has had the unfortunate experience of having to deal with it firsthand, and it ultimately led to the loss of the family member.

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