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When Cancer Comes, Deal With Fear First

Those of you who have been regular readers of Living Intentionally have probably noticed how quiet I’ve been. It’s been a full year since I’ve posted with any consistency. I’ve been dealing with a lot of things. In doing so, I withdrew to ensure I had the

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Dancing With Cancer: Facing Fear, Fasting And Calorie Reduction

So. You’ve been diagnosed with cancer and now you’re struck with how helpless you feel. Perhaps you’re so afraid that even though you know you should be hopeful, you’re stuck in a place of absolute terror. I understand. I really do. I do, however, need to be

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Dancing With Cancer: Take Back Your Health

Cancer. The word instills fear in the hearts of many who have been touched by this event in life. Cancer has visited my family many times over the years. Some have lived to tell about it. Others have fallen by the wayside. And others, still, dance with

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Balancing Energies: What It Is And Why It’s Important

If you’ve spent much time reading about yoga, chakras, subtle energies and the like, you’ve probably come across the idea of balancing your energy. To somebody who is new to a spiritual-meditative practice, this idea might be so foreign that there’s literally no frame of reference to

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Seeing Joy In The Ordinary

It is 5:45 a.m. and I’m outside, barefoot at 6°C in a T-shirt, hanging up the first load of the morning’s laundry. The sunrise hasn’t quite come yet, so I look up to take in the quarter Moon, Jupiter, Venus and the constellation of Orion fading in the twilight.

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Consciousness: Believing Versus Being

Over the last couple of days, I’ve been thinking a fair bit about the essential nature of Being versus the concept of belief systems. In much of what is written — indeed, of what I’ve written — about the Law of Attraction involves believing we can have

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How Sound Heals

We live in an audio-visual world. As such, sound and light have incredible effects on our bodies and even our moods. Sounds and light that are harsh or inappropriately timed can be strongly disruptive to our well-being. Conversely, both sound and light can prove to be wonderfully

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Sustainability And Self

A number of my posts over the years have brought up the idea of sustainable behaviour with regard to the environment. Today, I’d like to discuss another aspect of sustainability, that being how sustainability is important when we’re looking at our Self-maintenance. I think the concept of

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Effectively Managing Stress

Are you stressed out? If you wound up here after a search for stress management, probably so. If stress is the bad news, the good news is that there are a few really useful ways of dealing with it. The first thing you’ll want to figure out is

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Being: The Essence of Self

Our mental chatter tends to define most of us. That busy-ness of forward and backward, of reminiscence and contemplating innumerable futures, nicely defines a mind that is strongly identifying with its own noise. It is in this identifying with our internal chatter that we learn to identify

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