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Allowing Yourself To Dream

Hi, everybody! I hope the day finds you well. First off, let me apologize for the long delay since my last article. Some of you have noticed my absence (Sorry, Rosy!) and given me a gentle prod to write more. So, without further ado, I’d like to

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The Journey Versus The Destination: Ensuring A Happy Ending

Hello again, beautiful people! I hope that you’re well today. As my Thursday morning kicks into gear, I’ve been thinking about the whole idea of the journey versus the destination. The difference is really an important one when it comes to enjoying a happy and fulfilling life.

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Dancing With Cancer: Facing Fear, Fasting And Calorie Reduction

So. You’ve been diagnosed with cancer and now you’re struck with how helpless you feel. Perhaps you’re so afraid that even though you know you should be hopeful, you’re stuck in a place of absolute terror. I understand. I really do. I do, however, need to be

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Dancing With Cancer: Take Back Your Health

Cancer. The word instills fear in the hearts of many who have been touched by this event in life. Cancer has visited my family many times over the years. Some have lived to tell about it. Others have fallen by the wayside. And others, still, dance with

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Dreams Come True: Know Your Life’s Purpose

If you’ve been following dreams-/goals-oriented self-help material for any length of time, you’ll undoubtedly have heard the mantra that dreams come true. Any serious coaching, whether it be life, wellness, abundance or performance, addresses the fundamental idea — the very foundation of success, in fact — that

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Do You Let Your Dreams Change And Grow?

Dreams come true. They really do. That said, do you give your dreams room to grow, develop or even pivot into something entirely different? Or do you try to hold those dreams down to be one thing for all time? If the latter, you’re doing your dreams

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Are You Ready For The Antibiotic Apocalypse?

CAFOs (confined-animal feeding operations) are the New World’s answer to conventional farming practices. Within CAFO space, animals are routinely administered antibiotics as a prophylactic treatment against disease. As well, antibiotics are administered as a means of finishing the produce — inducing rapid weight gain — in the weeks

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Seeing Joy In The Ordinary

It is 5:45 a.m. and I’m outside, barefoot at 6°C in a T-shirt, hanging up the first load of the morning’s laundry. The sunrise hasn’t quite come yet, so I look up to take in the quarter Moon, Jupiter, Venus and the constellation of Orion fading in the twilight.

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Sustainability And Self

A number of my posts over the years have brought up the idea of sustainable behaviour with regard to the environment. Today, I’d like to discuss another aspect of sustainability, that being how sustainability is important when we’re looking at our Self-maintenance. I think the concept of

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Headlights In The Darkness

One of the great lessons I’ve learned about manifesting a happier and healthier life is that one doesn’t need to have all the answers to arrive at your ultimate goal. If we look at life as a journey, our voyage towards that life of joy, health and

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