November 7, 2010 in QiGong, Quantum-Touch

MBS Integration

Mind-Body-Spirit Integration is based on the 12-Color Meditation that is taught in the Advanced Quantum-Touch® Supercharging workshop. Living Intentionally uses this technique as a way to help clients restore balance to the 12 primary colors at the cellular level.

The Mind-Body-Spirit Integration technique we use in our practice at Living Intentionally is a combination of the MBS Integration Meditation as taught by Quantum-Touch and QiGong marrow washing. We fine-tune the Yin/Yang balance of the energy being offered, creating a remarkably versatile means of meeting the client’s needs. Everybody is different and we strive to fine tune our techniques for each client we see.

The essence of this technique is to restore balance to the 12 primary colours that are present in every cell of the body. Mary Derr created the meditation after noticing the 12 colours present in newborn infants and realizing that those same colours were out of balance and less present in adults who were less healthy. By using marrow washing we can impart these colours to the client in a very deep, thorough fashion.

One aspect of this practice is that the client immediately begins to open up to abundance in all areas of life. With the restoration of balance to all 12 colours (6 physical aspects and 6 emotional aspects), the client finds that physical dis-ease clears and emotional issues resolve. Because of this, we feel that MBS Integration is a powerful adjunct to the other techniques we use in approaching the issues our clients face.

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