November 10, 2010 in Health, Manifesting, QiGong, Quantum-Touch, Relationships

The Nature of Vibration and Creating Reality

All energy in the universe expresses itself as vibration. Depending on the nature of that energy, that vibration will have a certain frequency. Each of the elementary particles that make up baryonic matter all have their own native vibrations and frequencies.

Matter as we know it is built from a collection of smaller particles. Baryons combine to create atoms. Atoms combine to create molecules. Molecules combine to become chemicals. Chemicals combine and react to create … and on and on it goes. Our universe is this amazing ballet that creates ever more complex organizations from chaos.

Some of these organizations eventually express themselves as life. Life has evolved from the simplest amoeba to organisms that involve the communication and cooperation of literally trillions of cells. Each component making up the whole has its own, unique vibration. Collectively, too, there is a vibration. A being has his or her own fundamental that is derived from the sum remainder of all the matter that makes up the corporeal body.

Of course, we are more than just corporeal beings. We are spiritual beings experiencing a physical reality. Our spirit and consciousness that exists apart from our physical being also has a vibration. After all, all within the universe exists as vibration.

How we think changes our vibration. Thoughts of love and joy employ very strong upward shifts in frequency. We literally become higher beings when we live life in the expression of joy. How we think changes our overall Being. And how we think, therefore, has a tremendous influence on how all aspects of our life unfold.


It might be a tired, old cliché, but how we think has a profound effect on our health. Thinking negative thoughts about your life can set you up for health problems. If you’re already experiencing a state of dis-ease, such thoughts can create a very real obstacle to achieving well-being. Conversely, thinking thoughts that keep you on the side of happiness creates within you a remarkably strong foundation for healing.

Joy and laughter are wonderful tools to bolster the immune system. A happy immune system reacts appropriately to stimulus and protects the body from damage. Joy and laughter also promote effective hormonal balance, which in turn creates optimal inter-cellular communication within the body.

Energy Work

In my work with Quantum-Touch and QiGong, I strive to increase a client’s vibration and frequency to promote their own healing. Note that I don’t claim to do the healing. The only person who can heal you is you. All I can do is help to facilitate that healing through energy and intention.

Quantum-Touch utilizes a variety of breathing and visualization techniques to raise the vibration of both practitioner and client. The process works by the practitioner raising his/her vibration first and then the client entrains to that higher vibration. QiGong healing, as practised by Living Intentionally, works by adding high-vibrational energy from the practitioner’s energy stores to the client. By taking in high-vibrational energy, the client’s overall energy level raises.


Relationships, too, have their own vibrations, being the sum total of the physical, emotional and spiritual vibrations brought into the relationship by each partner. Relationships by their very nature are extraordinarily dynamic. We can have a profound influence on the overall vibration and, therefore, well-being of the relationship by how we think and feel.

It can be difficult to remain in a place of positivity and joy amidst relationship woes. I’m a perfect example of that; I’m divorced. In perfect 20-20 hindsight, however, I can say beyond any doubt that had I brought right thinking to my relationship, chances are that relationship would have flourished. The best advice I can possibly give is that you should always strive to see what is good. Find something beautiful within the relationship and fix your attention on that. The more good you find in it, the more good you’ll create in it.

Creating Reality

With the laws of entrainment and resonance, we find that like vibrations create a synergy of amplitude and frequency. This synergy very literally creates an associated reality. We can tune our thoughts to help improve our health. We can improve our relationships. We can create abundance in all areas of our life.

You have the power within you to create everything and anything you may want. The more in alignment you are with Source energy – the higher your natural vibration – the more quickly you’ll tend to find things being created in your life. And no matter how difficult things may seem in this moment; no matter how lonely or unwell you may feel; remember that we live in a dream world of our mutual co-creation.

Everything can change in an instant.

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