March 15, 2011 in Events, Health

Dai-ichi Reactor #2 Leak

The "collapsed roof" of Dai-ichi Reactor #1

At 6:10 a.m. this morning, operators at the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant heard a loud, “strange” sound emit from the #2 reactor. Subsequently, pressure readings apparently normalized between the inner and outer containment chambers.

The official statement is that it is likely there has been a significant emission of radiation from the core containment area. What is uncertain is whether the containment failure is above or below the coolant area.

Unfortunately, this is turning out to be a worst-case scenario. Any subsequent temblor will further stress the structure and encourage more leaks. With a compromised suppression pool in the reactor, the risk of significant environmental contamination is real.

People all over Japan, the west coast of Canada and the US and any island between Japan and North America really need to take prophylactic potassium iodide, beginning a protocol immediately. For those of you who are unable to get prophylactic tablets are strongly encouraged to take kelp supplements and/or eat kelp to build iodine stores in the body. Radioactive iodine has been released in this reaction.

I wish I could give more encouraging news. Things are bad and getting worse. Take care of your health. Do ANYTHING to encourage your body to be well between now and the additional stress of radiation exposure.

Megadoses of Vitamin C (up to bowel tolerance) combined with up to 1600 IU of Vitamin E per day and a doubling-up of the RDA dosage of beta carotene will be extremely helpful in giving your body a chance to undo DNA damage. True, these are antioxidants and radiation damage does not cause this type of damage, but the body DOES understand how to fix broken DNA. We need to give it an environment that encourages that.

Do NOT delay in taking prophylactic iodine supplements/dietary changes. It takes time to build up iodine in the thyroid and, therefore, waiting until exposure occurs is too late. Prophylaxis is all about prevention.

Please be safe, everybody! Don’t hesitate to contact me for advice. I might be slow to respond, however, as my home is in one of the blackout areas and I’ll definitely be offline for at least 3 hours tonight.

Love and Light to all. Just don’t glow in the dark!

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