Energy_FlowsOne of the more confusing aspects of life is this concept of ‘energy’ and how it relates to our ability to heal ourselves or others. Some people even wonder What’s it good for? In this article, I hope to offer a little more clarity on the role of energy in healing.

Cutting to the chase: Energy isn’t just about healing. It is about everything. It IS everything. Energy is the fundamental currency of the universe. In fact, one could sum up the universe itself as a complex organization of coherent energy. And our universe exhibits a coherence that strives for an ever-increasing organization of complexity.

In the moment of the Big Bang, our universe comprised nothing but energy expressed as an unimaginably hot plasma. It wasn’t until a few nanoseconds after the Big Bang that we started seeing energy coalescing into elementary particles. Gravity and dark matter got together to orchestrate the environment that ultimately became suitable for the creation of all matter and life as we know it. It is beyond the scope of this article to describe the steps between the beginning of time to present day; all manner of cosmological textbooks describe these processes in great depth.

The reason I mention the Big Bang at all is to hammer home the fundamental idea that everything within our universe, without exception, is essentially energy. Nuclear fission — which is the basis of our nuclear power and weapons programs — describes this inevitability perfectly. At the end of the day, everything is energy in one form or another.

“What does this all have to do with healing,” you ask? Thanks to the laws of our universe, all our ‘systems’ strive to reach and maintain homeostasis. Homeostasis is a word that describes a natural balance. In our universe, we see systems adapting to external influence in an effort to maintain a particular balance of the variables within the system.

From a health perspective, this means that an organism is constantly adjusting to changes within (or outside) the body. These changes reflect ALL possible interactions. It’s important to understand the concept of ALL from the aforementioned concept that all the universe is energy. Essentially, it means that we are adjusting to influences from everything from light and sound to diet, thoughts and actions. All literally means all. There isn’t anything in the universe that doesn’t affect us in some way.

“How can that be,” you ask? Well, let’s think of gravity for a moment. You may have studied a bit of physics in high school or post-secondary education. If so, you might remember that gravity works on matter according to the inverse-square law due to what is known as geometric dilution. And while it isn’t at all important to go into the details of gravity, there is one fact that must be emphasized: Every particle that exhibits mass in our universe is affected by every other particle that exhibits mass.

That mass statement means that everything in our known universe has the potential to act as a stressor on the body. Just as the moon pulls at the Earth to create bulges on our planet’s surface and create our oceans’ tides, each of us is subtly yanked and pulled accordingly. The body isn’t immune to the forces of the moon simply because we’re not ‘The Ocean’. On the contrary; we cannot be immune to the laws of physics for no other reason than we are a part of the universe.


All this talk of the physical universe is, however, incomplete without a discussion of our metaphysical universe. If the universe itself is energy, then everything contained within the universe must, by extrapolation, also be energy. We already conceptually know this from such things as hearing a jet break the speed of sound and our windows being shaken by the sonic boom. Sound waves are energy. Likewise, we know of laser beams being able to cut through metal, so light waves obviously also are energy. What about thought? Are thoughts waves?

I would argue that thoughts are, indeed, energy. Everything in our universe is energy and thoughts exist within the universe, ergo, thoughts must be energy. The ramifications on healing here are significant and cannot be overstated. Metaphysicians such as Deepak Chopra and Physicists such as Fred Wolf have stated that the energy of our thoughts, of our intention, inhabits the same field as gravity. If this proves to be the case (and I believe it will), it means that our intention has the same capacity to affect matter as gravity does. With gravity having gravitons as our base of interaction in the quantum realm, perhaps there is likewise an intentioton from which our thoughts and intention interacts within the same realm.

This is, perhaps, a complex layering of ideas, but it all boils down to one, single truth: All you think or do affects your well-being. It means that when we wish to achieve well-being — our natural homeostasis — we must complement that desire with energies that assist in that achievement. This means that we need to ingest food and liquids that are themselves homeostatic. We must think high-quality thoughts that uplift our energy through positive entrainment, rather than thinking low-quality thoughts that lower our overall vibration.

Skeptics might at this point be checking out with the woo-woo concept of vibration, but the essential nature of the universe is energy. Energy expresses itself as frequencies or vibration. NOTHING exists outside this realm.

Asking, then, what is the purpose of energy in healing really is the wrong question. Energy is the currency of reality. Energy is a part of all well-being and dis-ease. It isn’t the energy itself that makes us well or unwell, it is the homeostasis (or lack thereof) that defines our state in a particular moment. As such, our task is not to consider the usefulness or not of energy with regard to healing. Our task is to look at the energy with which we interact and assess how it will benefit or hinder our attaining and maintaining homeostasis.

So, here it is in a nutshell:

  • Consider the quality of the food you eat by how high its vibration should be. If you’re eating factory-farmed chicken from an overcrowded environment fed on a diet of junk grains, filler and antibiotics, do you honestly believe the energy you receive from eating that chicken is equivalent to a chicken raised naturally and healthfully? If so, you need to study (over and over) the whole idea that everything is energy.
  • Consider the quality of the thoughts you think by how high the vibrations of your thoughts are. Positive emotions have higher vibrations than negative emotions. Unconditional love is the highest vibration there is. Many of our greatest spiritual teachings sum things up as “God is love”. Take that literally. Unconditional love taps you into the limitless consciousness of the universe.
  • Consider the quality of the actions you take by how they may be vibrationally evaluated. We live in a universe of motion, so we ourselves should also strive to be in motion much of the time. Movement is our natural state. If we remain static and immobile, we cannot achieve and maintain homeostasis. Well-being cannot exist without motion.
  • Consider the quality of the spiritual practice you undertake by its vibration. One expects meditation, yoga and various energy cultivation practices, such as QiGong, to have especially high vibration. If your spiritual practice involves numbing out to the TV for hours on end or arguing on Facebook, you’re likely going to experience an energy deficit that pushes your systems out of homeostasis and throw you off-balance.

Ultimately, in a universe that IS energy, everything we do can be assessed against its Estimated Vibrational Frequency. I just coined that term, so let’s see in a decade whether it becomes popular. EVF is a useful way of thinking about our interaction with, well, everything. The food you eat is recycled into energy. High-quality food has higher amounts of energy. Different nutrients bring different energy signatures to our inner environment, much like stars with different physical properties exhibit different light spectra.

When you begin to assess your entire interaction with the universe as comprising different EVF, you can bring your life to new levels of well-being, abundance and, well, just everything. In a world where everything is energy, rise up to the challenge. Find all those things that are currently an EVF higher than your current state and allow yourself to entrain to that higher frequency. In doing so, you’ll achieve well-being, success and abundance in all areas.

It’s not just woo-woo. It’s Universal Law.

Much love. Namaste.

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