November 22, 2010 in Health, Lifestyle, QiGong, Quantum-Touch

The Big Picture

As consumers, we’ve become accustomed to buying products that deal with very specific problems. This has been also true with regard to our health. We buy into products and methodologies that deal with one thing and one thing only. The problem with this approach from a health and well-being perspective is that we are not a collection of disparate parts; we are a single system.

The biggest problem facing allopathic medicine is that the approach typically offers drug treatments designed to create opposite effects than the symptoms presented. As such, the approach tends to be rather “nuts and bolts” instead of holistic. As they say, the devil is in the details. In this case, the devil is losing sight of the big picture through getting lost in the details.

If we look at health as more or less being a prescription that nullifies symptoms, what we create is an illusion of well-being. By masking the symptoms, we haven’t actually dealt with the cause. Symptoms, after all, are NOT the problem, they are merely an indicator OF the problem. If you truly wish to resolve an issue, you really need to address it from a full-spectrum, holistic approach.

I chose the photograph above because of it being a great representation of “the big picture”. When many of us think of Orion, we think of the Orion nebula. There’s a lot more to Orion than the nebula, however, and that beautiful, all-encompassing photo is an excellent reminder of the grandeur of the entire system.

Living Intentionally strives to look at the big picture when addressing any issue. We look to the obvious physical aspects, but also at emotions, lifestyle, exercise, nutrition and anything else that would be having a role in the client’s experience. Only in this way can we be assured of getting to the root of the problem and helping our client, you, to enjoy complete well-being.

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