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The Power of Thoughts and Feelings

I think a lot of us tend to underestimate the power of our thoughts, our feelings and our intention. The combination of the three makes each of us a powerful tool in the creation of reality. More importantly, each of our thoughts and feelings have a direct impact on the world around us, including people, animals, insects, plants, you name it. Not a single thought happens without there being an effect on our universe.

The ramifications of this ultimate truth are unimaginably far-reaching. We literally change the world around us by virtue of what we think, feel, emote and intend. And by changing the world, I also mean those around us. Not just material things are affected; people change by virtue of the thoughts we think.

Feelings of the Heart

Philosophers have long romanticized the role the heart plays in love. The truth, however, is even more profound; the heart is very literally the very seat of our feelings. For each feeling we experience, our heart emits primary and secondary fields of energy that effect the very fabric of space-time around us.

The primary field is very centralized, covering an average radius of ~2-3 metres or roughly 6-9 feet. This might sound insignificant, but in reality it means that whoever is in close proximity with you gets a direct connection to whatever feeling you happen to be experiencing in that moment. Being on the receiving end of this can be profound.

We’ve all experienced somebody walking in the room who happens to be angry or otherwise distressed and it’s akin to having the goodness sucked out of the room. A lot of people get caught up in their reaction to the feeling and attribute it to the person him- or herself. While understandable, it’s a little unfair. It’s sort of like shooting the messenger instead of relating to the message. Likewise, there are people who walk into a room and it seems to just light up in their presence. This, too, is a function of the feeling in their heart.

The secondary radiance of the heart space is much greater. In fact, this field transcends normal space-time by traversing the zero-point field. From this level, all things in the universe across all time and dimensions are affected. Much like the truth of global warming being affected by any actions taken by us on Earth, so it is that all things are affected by our feelings, even if only by a small amount.

Nothing happens without consequence. Remember your physics? Action = opposite reaction. It’s not just a good idea; it’s the Law.

Thoughts Become Things

I’ve often talked about the power of positive thinking, but what about the power of negative thinking? It’s this that I’d like to talk about today. This has been one of the harder lessons for me to learn in life and, boy, can it ever bite you on the butt!

I’ve been in relationships where I got caught up in seeing the faults of my partner. First, I’d become annoyed at something and over time I would begin to notice a trend. The more I noticed the trend, the more the trend itself seemed to increase. It was as though there were an exponential connection to my noticing something and its presence in my experience.

This happening is, in fact, universal law: That which we think, we create. In focusing so closely on my partners’ faults over the years, I inadvertently gave power to those behaviours. I created more of them. I told the story of what is and got more of it.

I was slow in learning the lesson, much to my dismay. It caused a lot of grief for me and those around me. I wish I’d figured it out sooner, but, well, that was my path. Better late than never, so they say.

Now, I’m squarely focused on seeing the good in those around me. It has had the remarkable result of my relationships becoming better than they have ever been. It is, in fact, the saving grace of a relationship that I never thought could be saved. This is a wonder for which I shall remain eternally grateful.


Like neurons in the brain, all matter and energy in our universe are inextricably linked. Our universe is the looking glass of all it contains, showing the constantly evolving reality as consciousness shapes and molds its own existence and experience. To that end, we cannot escape changing our world by how we think and feel.

Choosing thoughts of love and positivity will shape your experience in unexpected ways. By choosing such thoughts, your world will see an ever decreasing trend in negativity. By finding joy in simple things, joy will present itself to you in more complex organizations. You will, very literally, be uplifting your life, which will cause a feedback loop that creates more of the same.

By practising “right thinking” of positive thoughts, we create powerfully healing emotions. Emotions, after all, are the result of us processing our feelings through thought. These thoughts, feelings and emotions will radiate throughout our experience and colour the experience of those in touch with us. Through the Law of Attraction, we then draw to us that which we emit/create.

Think of it. How do you think about your health? How do you view the world around you? Do you get outraged by watching the news? Do you rail against the sleights you see in the world? Do you offer compassion and understanding to all you meet?

Every aspect of that which you think, feel and intend changes … everything.


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    Great piece, Trane. The thought is wonderful, but so is the writing. Love to you.

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      Thank you so much, Ali. *hugs*

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