December 8, 2010 in Health, Manifesting

Allowing Well-being Into Your Life

One of the more interesting philosophical viewpoints of sickness suggests that there is no “source” of illness, that there is only a resistance to well-being. Another way of saying that would be that we are in vibrational harmony with imbalance.

When we’re dealing with some aspect of dis-ease in our experience, it’s often beneficial to look at how we feel about it in relation to the rest of our daily experience. It might seem reasonable to view dis-ease as separate from whatever else we’re experiencing in life, but that misses the truth that everything we experience is part of a system. Nothing within the system operates independently.

With that sense of connection in mind, take a moment to examine some aspect of dis-ease. How does your lack of well-being serve you? Does it benefit you by getting you attention that would otherwise be lacking? Has it taught you something? Has it helped you to see the world from a different perspective?

Once we learn about our experience, we can then take the steps necessary to move forward. The steps might be obvious, e.g., exercise more and stop smoking, or they might be subtle, e.g., be willing to relinquish absolute control over some aspect of your life and trust that things will be alright.

Most of us at some point need to learn that for us to be well, we need to allow that well-being to express itself in our life. We need to let it in, to become a vibrational match with it. This is true for anything that we need to heal; everything from a broken arm to a broken marriage. We must first come to a place where we allow it to heal. Unless we do, it will remain broken.

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