December 26, 2010 in Health, Lifestyle

Exercising for a Younger You

Recently, I wrote an article about how telomere shortening is responsible for ageing in cells and how we might be able to keep those telomeres in good shape. It seems that the solution could be as easy as getting some exercise.

Recent studies indicate that leukocyte telomere length is maintained in older humans with regular vigorous aerobic exercise and maximal aerobic capacity. This translates to interval training.

Human Growth Hormone also seems to be stimulated by this type of exercise, and this also has been implicated in reduced ageing.

So, with the holidays in mind, it’s a great time to think about getting out there and working off those excess calories. It’s always wise to consult a trained professional any time you’re thinking of embarking on a training program. Doing so can ensure that you don’t put yourself in any danger.

Work out and stay young!

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