January 10, 2011 in Meditation, QiGong, Quantum-Touch

Playing with Brain Waves

In exploring how to offer unique healing experiences and potential to my clients, I’ve been experimenting with various meditative states during healing sessions. I’m happy to report that the results seem to be very promising indeed.

I have some binaural beat CDs that are intended for relaxation. These CDs help to sync the brain to alpha-wave frequencies, which are deep-relaxation frequencies often associated with pre-sleep brain wave patterns. I’ve been using these relaxation/meditation CDs during the distant healing sessions with the intention that my clients will receive the same frequencies that I’m experiencing.

According to feedback, it works.

In addition to the alpha waves, I also intend that the client will encounter some delta-wave patterns associated with deep sleep. The reason for this is to enable the client to trigger his/her own deep healing processes in the body during the session. This also seems to work, in that when this intention has been set, clients report that the sessions seem to be shorter than usual. Although the session is of the usual length, the duration the client perceives is dramatically reduced. It’s an interesting phenomenon.

All this takes place over the span of thousands of kilometres.

If you’re interesting in experiencing this kind of healing work, contact Living Intentionally via e-mail or from the contact form at the bottom of About or Services pages.

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