Many of us have suffered through cancer, whether it be firsthand diagnosis or that of a family member or friend. Several people in my family have gone through the experience, and I lost my own mother to cancer. It was with great interest, therefore, that I became aware of antineoplastons.

Antineoplastons are a gene-targeted approach to cancer that utilizes non-toxic peptides and amino acids. The discoverer of antineoplastons, Dr. Burzynski, found that people experiencing cancer had significantly reduced levels of antineoplastons in their blood and urine compared to people who were cancer-free. For decades, Dr. Burzynski has worked to obtain FDA approval and continue development and clinical studies of the efficacy of this treatment.

Apparently, there is politics involved. Of course, where money is concerned, when isn’t there? On Vimeo, there’s a movie that details the literal trials and tribulations surrounding Burzynski’s work with antineoplastons. It’s a fascinating insight into the world of cancer research.

You an view the movie in its entirety free until June 13 here: Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business. Highly recommended.

  1. Trane, that video is amazing. Imagine the stress Dr. Burzynski has to go through for discovering something that works and should be applauded by the whole world.
    If i wanted to recommend the drug for cancer patients, how will they have access to the drug?

    • Hi, Gloria.

      If one wanted to recommend treatment with antineoplastons, I would suggest that one get in touch with either the Burzynski Clinic or the Burzynski Research Institute to find out which hospitals and/or clinics in various countries are offering the treatments. Currently, for people in the U.S., their only choice is to get treatment from Burzynski’s clinic in Texas.



  2. This outrages me to think this country can do this to us. What the f#$% do they think we are. What about other inventions they most definitely kept from us. ENTERGY, what else. I for one want to know. We the people of this fucked up nation need to rebel. A revolution is in need for the good of all man kind. They cannot get away with this. Help me understand why?

    • Hi, Chad.

      Yeah, it’s a scary thing to watch how business interests get in the way of the greater good. The good news is that as the world becomes a smaller place, it becomes more difficult for the players to hide their activities. When enough people stand up and push forward to ensure they have access to new, beneficial technologies, everybody will benefit.

      The secret in all of this is to strive for what you want, rather than fight against what you don’t want. It might not seem like an important distinction, but it really is a vital one in life. A “war against” only creates more war. So, work toward openness in government and its relationship with business. There are no doubt grassroots movements in which you can become involved in your area.



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