As I sit here after my lunch meal, basking in the afterglow of satisfaction, I’m reminded yet again that our bodies instantly respond to the quality of food we ingest. I wasn’t even finished my meal before a sense of overwhelming satisfaction settled into place.

The meals I prepare tend to resemble salads to most people. That’s because for all but a very few things, I tend to only cook my meat and the rest of the meal is a process of assembling various raw ingredients and spices into something that my senses tell me is “right”. When choosing my ingredients, herbs and spices, I reach for what looks appealing in the crisper. It’s not so much judging the quality of the food, but how much the thought of eating it stimulates my senses. I’ve learned to trust that sense of excitement as a way of ensuring that I’m balancing my vitamin and nutrient intake.

For the last few years, I’ve found that curry spice or turmeric have featured significantly in my meals. It wasn’t until the last couple of years that I learned of the powerful antioxidant properties in curcumin, which gives turmeric and curry powder its characteristic yellow pigment. It’s reassuring to me that something that I am naturally inclined to reach for in the spice rack just happens to be a powerful booster of brain health and a reducer of inflammation.

A lot of people tend to dismiss meal preparation as an inconvenience and approach food itself as simply something that must be eaten. I think that’s a shame, as there’s so much to be experienced in food when we get the combination of ingredients, herbs and spices just right. Top it off with using organic produce and … wow.

Whatever you do in life, you should always strive toward satisfaction and joy. Since we spend so much of our lives eating, it makes especial sense to approach meals with the same verve. Live well and love life!

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