October 27, 2012 in Health, Nutrition

Food is Love: Vote Yes on Proposition 37!

As the United States nears its always important election day, one of the more pressing issues has been percolating on the West Coast. Californians are facing an epic decision regarding food labelling and GMOs.

Proposition 37 is all about the right for consumers to know what’s in the food they buy and eat. As it stands now, the United States does not have mandatory GMO labelling on products, which means that consumers have no way to know for certain whether or not a particular food contains GMO ingredients. Prop 37 posits that consumers have the inalienable right to know what they’re getting and, if passed, will make it mandatory for manufacturers to indicate whether GMOs are included in their ingredients.

Monsanto and their ilk have spent more than $40-million fighting a propaganda war against Prop 37. These companies want to keep you in the dark in their efforts to propagate their frankenfood products throughout the world. Voting Yes on Prop 37 would be a huge blow against these deceptive tactics and help ensure that consumers have the opportunity to make informed decisions over whether or not to eat products containing GMOs.

This is a hugely important vote. While Prop 37 is a California-only issue for the moment, other states and countries are watching the outcome closely. Due to the economics of mass production, passing Yes on Prop 37 in California would very likely have a rippling effect all across the country. Labelling products to indicate whether they have GMOs is vital to making informed decisions, and the broader base of such labelling available means that consumers everywhere would be able to make good choices.

Remember: Food is Love!


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