October 31, 2012 in Health, Lifestyle, Nutrition

Proposition 37: Facts or Fiction?

photo of Trane FrancksCalifornia is coming down to the crunch over the next few days. The issue of knowing whether GMOs is present in a certain food is up for grabs. As a voter, are you going to believe that somehow Americans’ rights to know about GMO in products is somehow different than what other countries have experienced for years?

Companies such as Monsanto would have you believe that if you know what’s in your food, some great evil will befall you. The price of your food will increase or, worse, some foods will be banned. Folks, Proposition 37 does not ban ANYTHING. It merely seeks to ensure that if there are GMO products in a food, it is labelled as such.

The top 6 companies financially supporting the No To 37 campaign are also leading pesticide manufacturers. I want you to think about that for a few moments. It is my belief that any company who is against labelling of GMOs is bound to benefit from a lack thereof. GMOs and pesticides go hand-in-hand. And if you don’t believe that, spend some time looking up pesticide usage for RoundupReady crops over the last 5 years.

The No On 37 campaign has spent some 40 million dollars to ensure that people are kept in the dark regarding the contents of their food. We have long expected our lists of ingredients to tell us what we’re eating, but the No camp wants to ensure that we CANNOT get information about eating GMOs. Period.

Kashi is one example of a manufacturer who uses GMOs in their “Natural” cereals. Kashi is also a big-time financial supporter of the No On 37 campaign. This … uh … might not be a surprise.

The following image says it all:

Please give all due consideration to the idea that we have the right to know what we eat.


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