July 14, 2013 in Environment, Health

Can We Sustainably Build With Wood?

f00ecc048d805bdc66f40cd89a29c14e1e6b6ae0_254x191Is it possible for us to utilize new technologies to enable us to responsibly and sustainably build with wood? Michael Green, an environmentally conscious architect from Vancouver, thinks so. Green warns, however, that current building codes stifle the ability to innovate and explore these ideas.

“When the Eiffel Tower was built, nobody thought it could be done,” Green has been quoted as saying. Green’s point is a good one; without striving to realize dreams, mankind tends to stagnate rather than innovate. If we are to let loose the power of imagination to create something incredible, the activities themselves must be allowed.

At a recent TED Talk, Green discussed the benefits of building skyscrapers from wood instead of using steel and concrete. He makes some compelling arguments, although I confess to being somewhat skeptical that humanity can ever get over its love affair with destructive clear-cutting. Before we will wholesale adopt a sustainable strategy, we must first come to recognize that sustainable practices just aren’t optional. If we are to survive the next century, we need to learn to take care of the planet that sustains us.

Have a look at what Michael Green has to say and then share your thoughts in the comments section.


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