July 24, 2013 in Health, Nutrition

Keep Trying for GMO Labeling

522fbTimeline_1_(1)Last year, the challenge was to get Prop 37 passed in California. Thanks to some very clever people working to promote GMO tossing billions of dollars in an “anti-knowledge” campaign, Prop 37 did not pass. It was close, though. Very, very close.

This year, citizens of Washington State have their own campaign going to require labelling of GMO foodstuffs. The I-522 citizens’ initiative is hugely important. Just as last year, however, corporations such as Monsanto and DuPont will go out of their way — and out of their bank account — to ensure that people are convinced that ignorance triumphs over knowledge. It’s our obligation to ensure that doesn’t happen.

If you’re one of those who consider labelling of GMOs a waste of time, that’s fair enough. The solution in this situation is for you to not read the labels. For the rest of us who do want to know, it’s vitally important that the information not be withheld. People have the right to know about the food they eat — how it was grown, where it came from and what it contains.

I consider it essential to remember that we can only make informed choices when we’re informed. It’s time to let Monsanto and Big Food know that we’re not going to tolerate misinformation or hiding of the truth.

How You Can Help

If financial contributions are viable for you, consider donating to the Organic Consumers Association and/or Food Democracy Now. If financial contributions are outside your capacity or comfort zone, don’t despair. You can still be effective! Talk to people about the issue. Blog about it. Write tweets. Post on Facebook. In whatever way you can, make sure that those you know and love are aware of the stakes and how big business is only too happy to keep us all in the dark about the stuff they’re putting into the food we eat.


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