shoesYesterday, I found myself out for yet another long walk. As I had hoped, I found myself in unknown territory again. During the walk, I managed to get myself out onto some really nice hiking paths and, despite not wearing appropriate footwear for hiking, I had a great time.

At one point towards the end of the outing, I found myself in a section full of rice paddies. Determined to find a continuation of the hiking route at the end of the field, I plodded through some questionable areas. Footing ranged from iffy to downright terrible. The view and location, however, was worth it.


It was a gorgeous dusk and I was very much alone. What a great place. The footing, however, continued to be treacherous. Finally, my enthusiasm for moving forward contradicted the care I needed to exhibit and, one utterly Keystone Kops moment later, I took that fatal-to-white-sneakers misstep.


I couldn’t stop laughing. I had been spared the cold, wet feet that I had most dreaded and I had also been spared being unceremoniously tossed into the rice paddy. It would have looked hilarious to an onlooker. And it would have sounded hilarious, too; I squealed like a child at the moment I almost completely unravelled.

As I was walking home afterwards, I kept thinking how fantastic it is to not act my age. I’m in my early-mid-50s and still think that getting dirty in the woods makes for a Good Day. I like building sand castles at the beach. Tossing paper airplanes around is great fun. Any excuse to giggle is a good thing.

I encourage you all to forget about what society thinks of acting your age and simply just act in a manner that feels good. The more you enjoy yourself, the more joy you impart to the rest of the world. Laughter, joy and well-being is blessedly contagious.


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