April 8, 2015 in Health, Nutrition, Society

The Sacred Science

sacredscienceMost people these days value Western medicine’s approach to treatment and curing of disease. In this day and age, it seems that we need help healing more often than ever before. I can think of no other time in my life when there were so many around me struggling with some illness or another. Whether it be Diabetes, cancer or some other affliction, the fact is that we’re suffering a lot more nowadays than we did in decades past.

While Western medicine does some amazing things, what you might not know is that many of the breakthrough discoveries have come via our understanding of how to use various herbs, bark and vegetation from the Amazon Rainforest to create powerful medicines. Over a quarter of modern drugs are derived from plants that grow in the Amazon basin. And despite that fact, less than 1% of the more than 44,000 species of plants in the Rainforest have been studied by Western science to discover their healing potential. There is a vast amount of untapped potential and untapped knowledge.

The Sacred Science is a documentary film not only of the healing potential of the plants of the Amazon Rainforest, but also an exploration into the skills of the shamans and medicine men of the region who are responsible for the health and welfare of the indigenous peoples there. And it does that via a most extraordinary journey of healing by eight individuals with a range of serious, life-threatening diseases.

The Sacred Science is an extraordinary movie. It showcases the wisdom of indigenous healers and their ability to work with their wards in a holistic fashion to heal both body and soul. It will introduce you to ancient wisdom that has been handed down through generations.

For a limited time, the movie is available for a free screening at www.sacredscience.com. If you like the movie, you’ll be given a chance to purchase the DVD and/or a copy of The Sacred Cookbook, which features recipes intended to assist your body to heal itself and maintain its balance. I highly recommend the movie. If nothing else, it opens one’s eyes to the possibility of healing avenues that lay outside the strict realm of Western medicine.

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