March 25, 2015 in Environment, Health, Nutrition, Society

Big Sugar: The Brutal Truth Behind Your Sweet Tooth

brown-sugar-hiDo you have a sweet tooth? Many of us — including me — do enjoy munching on the sweet stuff. For me, it’s dark chocolate. For others, it might be cake, candies, ice cream or any other of a cornucopia of sweet goods.

While many modern-day articles focus on the dietary/health consequences of high sugar intake, there is a darker, more nefarious side to the Big Sugar industry. Many of us are aware of the cane sugar plantations of old, for which slavery was the work force. Few people, however, realize that the days of indentured servitude have not yet ceased to exist. A huge amount of suffering goes into brining you the sugar for your cake.

This CBC documentary goes a long way to shed light on sugar’s past, its present and its consequences for culture and health. If you dare to watch it, I suspect you won’t feel the same way about Halloween again.


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