March 18, 2015 in Law of Attraction, Manifesting

The Secret of The Secret

Cherry blossoms over a rippling pondLast night, I pulled out my well-worn copy of The Secret and watched this inspirational film about the Law of Attraction yet again. I’ve watched it many times over the years and usually haul it out for review when I’ve noticed my thinking sliding back into old patterns. Last night was no exception.

I’m quite successful working with the Law of Attraction. I use its patterns of thought and expectation to generate everything from parking spaces and seats on crowded trains to unfailingly good health. That said, I still have my challenges. Specifically, I’ve yet to jump that financial hurdle. I may work with LoA to great effect in some areas of my life, but I’ve yet to connect all the dots in others.

The reason why I’m sharing that tidbit with you is to ensure that you know that the information I present here is 100% authentic and that I’m just as much on a learning curve as anybody else. Articles here are intended to share my experiences and reflect what I’ve discovered works for me. Your truth may be different; what you find here should be considered a well-intended guideline for you to explore.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand: The Secret of The Secret. Last night, I was mulling over my financial situation and wondering at my apparent lack of progress with LoA when it occurred to me that my thoughts and actions weren’t aligned with bringing me the abundance that I want. Conversations with friends and family have been replete with stressed-out statements of lack. They speak richly and emotively of fear and uncertainty. And, as The Secret so aptly points out, the universe can only respond with Your wish is my command.

Cue more lack, fear and uncertainty.

This is entirely of my own making. I take full ownership of it.

I noted last night that my discomfort with my financial situation has caused me to be somewhat inactive with what is THE actual secret behind The Secret: Inspired Action. I’ve seen no small amount of inspired ideas come and go over the last 5 years that I’ve simply let drop to the curb because I was too uncertain to even give them a shot. The humbling part of this is that any of them would have required nothing but time and a very small financial investment to attempt. “Failure” (I sincerely dislike that word) would come at very little true cost.

So, what’s the problem?

That’s an interesting question. In looking at my ‘stuff’ last night, I realized that I still am aligned with Mom’s messages that were ingrained into me throughout my upbringing: Life is Hard, Money is Scarce and Nothing Comes Easily. Add a dollop of feeling undeserving and, wow, you have a perfect recipe for self-sabotage. Despite knowing the steps I need to take to succeed, I’ve resolutely resisted taking them. Fascinating, yeah?

As with any self-work, recognizing the issue is the biggest step towards resolving it. I have a large number of tools in my toolkit with which to work towards addressing these blocks. I like working with affirmations, Afformations, TAT, and self-hypnosis patters. I’ll be focusing on resolving these emotional blockages so that I can finally get working with inspired action.

Inspired action is the essential aspect of The Secret that is most often missed by people. I’ve seen it stated that the steps to the process are: 1. Ask, 2. Believe and 3. Receive. That’s all well and good, but without taking those steps that take you towards that desired destination, the rest of it just amounts to daydreaming. When inspiration comes, it’s essential that we act upon it. That inspiration comes because we’re aligning our thoughts and desires with possibility. Inspiration is that milestone on our roadmap that leads us towards our goal.

So, when you’re daydreaming about that abundance you wish to create, listen/look closely for some inspired idea to pop out of nowhere. See what you haven’t seen before. Notice patterns around you that you may not have noticed before. Take heed of all the signs the universe will unquestioningly and unfailingly give you to lead you onwards in your journey towards creating all that you desire.

And then, seeing the clear signs, take that inspired action that completes The Secret of The Secret.

Much love,


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