September 22, 2015 in Health, Meditation, QiGong

Stormy Weather: The Grounding Problem (Or Is It?)

the_power_of_intentionWith the departure of summer weather and the closing of the beaches here in Japan, my grounding opportunities have dramatically been reduced. When floating in the surf and riding the waves, walking along the shoreline or sitting in the sand, we are unavoidably grounding and being 100% connected with the Earth. For me, it is a wonderful experience. When I’m in the water — especially the ocean — there is no other time that I feel more connected to All That Is.

With the cooler/stormier weather, therefore, that avenue of connection is suddenly gone. That means that my physical connection with Gaia has to take place with more conscious effort. And, just between the two of us, I’ve recently been forgetting to take off my shoes when I’ve been pounding out the walks. It’s something that I need to address, as I definitely notice a general increase in inflammation and a decrease in personal energy when I don’t physically earth myself for prolonged periods.

The farther from the equator one is, the more variant the weather between seasons. Winter at the equator isn’t much different than summer. Go a few hundred kilometres north of Toronto, however, and a winter’s day can see brutal temperatures and piles of snow. How can we ground ourselves when it’s -20 degrees outside?

Fortunately, meditation practice and personal energy cultivation practices, such as QiGong, can come to our rescue. The key here is to remember that Where thought goes, energy flows. If one focuses on the concept of grounding — fully imagining the process — we will literally ground ourselves even though we may physically be standing on an insulating material. How does this work?


The first point is that there is no separation between mind, body and spirit. The second, more important point, is that there is no separation between you and the universe itself. That meat sack that you see in the mirror might appear to be distinct from everything around you, but you are not separated by anything other than a certain amount of space. We’re all connected to everything, without exception. Allow me to explain.

If you zoom in to any matter closely enough, you’ll pass molecular structures, to atoms and then, finally, to the realm of electrons. In this realm, electrons appear to be huge planets that orbit massive electromagnetic suns that we call nuclei. In the space between the nucleus and the electron is the vacuum of the zero point field. It isn’t a space of nothingness; the zero point field is the realm of energy and intention that exists beside baryonic matter.

All things spring forth from this field of intention. This is the wellspring from which all life, all everything manifests. Everything from quantum strings to galactic superclusters emanate from this baseline of universal existence. And it is to this same field of intention that all things must return upon their transition to a different state of existence.

So, getting back to grounding, when we meditate on having ourself grounded — to having our body’s natural electromagnetic balance being optimal — that intention interacts with the zero point field and manipulates the space-time reality around us to create the flow that grounds us. It is subtle; you won’t experience a sudden shock of discharge as with a release of static electricity. It is, however, palpable for those who cultivate the awareness of being in the moment.

If you’re living in an area where it isn’t possible to physically connect with Earth for extended periods of time, now’s the time to cultivate a personal meditation practice and learn to connect with Earth and Source itself via the power of your intention. It is a profound and beautiful experience.

Love and Light,


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