October 18, 2015 in Health, Law of Attraction, Lifestyle, Manifesting

Headlights In The Darkness

lightOne of the great lessons I’ve learned about manifesting a happier and healthier life is that one doesn’t need to have all the answers to arrive at your ultimate goal. If we look at life as a journey, our voyage towards that life of joy, health and abundance really needs to be viewed in the category of one step at a time. And as with any journey, it starts with the very first step, no matter how small it may be. Even baby steps can kick off the most epic of journeys.

Not only is life itself a journey, but every aspect within life as a whole qualifies as its own journey. Whether it be health, happiness, marriage or wealth, the steps we take throughout our life lead us forward. We can view each aspect of life and see how our past has played out. But is it really the past?

The reality of reality is that we experience the present at all times. In fact, even when we’re exploring our memories, we’re experiencing them in the present tense. Have you ever had a traumatic accident? Remembering such an event can cause significant stress on the body. Have you had wonderful past memories that cause you to become awash in good feelings? You’re thinking of something on your ‘negative timeline’, but every part of your physical and emotional being is experiencing it NOW.

This nowness of memory also expresses itself when we consider the future. We play out various scenarios and those stories we tell are experienced by us in the present moment. This is why worrying about situations can create chronic stress disorders in our mind and body. Everything is — no matter how we’ve been programmed to believe — experienced in the Now. We live in the moment. Always.

This truth of time always being now means that we can relax about how we create our desired future. It’s not important to have the route mapped out to perfection. If one thinks of sailing, the helmsman is always making subtle course corrections to account for the wind and currents. Every moment sees the conditions changing and, therefore, our helmsman makes new decisions on how to pilot his or her craft to the chosen destination.

In other words, it’s not all or nothing. You can change your mind at any time. You can change your direction in a split second. No decision is etched in stone for all eternity.

Switching metaphors for a moment, if we think of our journey being taken in a car driven at night, our headlights only illuminate a small section of the road ahead of us. We can see far enough ahead to make our course corrections that will, 100 metres at a time, take us across vast distances. And life is exactly like that.

If you make subtle changes in your direction from day to day, month to month, you’ll find that you’ll come ever closer to realizing the life of your dreams. Each of these course corrections amount to baby steps. Each change in direction is a small turn of the steering wheel or rudder. Choose a metaphor that works for you and run with it.

Finally, the idea here is that if we relax in the Now and just focus on making those tiny changes that take us closer towards our happiness, the universe will step in and ensure that the path stays relatively clear. We may need to make some changes, but isn’t that what life is about anyway? Life is change. Life is a journey.

Love to you. Namaste.

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