Today, we’re going to talk about one of those ultimately awkward topics that are about as common and as important as breathing itself: Poop. Well, more correctly, something that you might be able to do when Number 2 doesn’t quite happen as smoothly as you’d like. If you’re not interested in this particular topic, you may want to stop reading now …

Still here? Good! Read on because this morning, I learned something new about an art that I’ve practiced for more than 30 years. No, not pooping. QiGong!

The simple backstory that set this all up was that I’ve been sorta-kinda (absolutely, if truth be told) bingeing on cheddar cheese with my meals over the last week or so. Ever so gradually, this excessive cheese consumption had blocked me up. So — say no more — this morning I had all the intention to lighten the load so to speak, but none of the, uh, movement. I was slave to the throne for a good 20 minutes and there was no sign of relief.

What to do?


As strange as it might seem, my desperation saw me run through a whole collection of breathing and energy healing techniques in the hope that it might get things moving again. Unfortunately, nothing really seemed to help. Suddenly, I thought of doing a flow-oriented QiGong technique to focus on getting flow of energy through the abdomen. Remarkably, it only took a few breaths after starting before I could palpably sense the blockage in the abdomen. It was most unexpected and quite surprising. In less than a minute of breathing and pulling/pushing through the blockage, my belly signalled it was ready to do business. Before long, I was a much happier boy.

I posted a video on YouTube that described the situation and teaches the technique I used. If you’re interested in learning more, visit the video.

Image linking to online YouTube video

Have a wonderful, flow-filled day.


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