November 16, 2010 in Manifesting, Relationships

How We Identify Self

As I grew up and began exploring different philosophical and religious teachings, it really struck me how many are thoroughly stuck with the idea that we stand separate from everything. How people determine their worth by means of things external to them. Truly, they diminish the person by not recognizing the person for being who he/she really is.

I am what I have. This is a signature of the material world in which we live. Many people have been taught that the acquisition of wealth and material things is a viable measure of self-worth. If you’re not driving that Porsche on the way to your corner office with that great view, you were taught to think you haven’t succeeded. I know it sounds cliché, but you can’t take it with you. We are spiritual beings experiencing physical expression. There is more to us than work, a house, car and 2.5 kids in the right neighbourhood.

I am what I do. Too often, we judge ourselves by what we do for our livelihood. We’ve all either seen or been guilty of looking down at the janitor, judging him/her to be lower on the food chain than us simply because what we do is more important. The real value in what we do is to ask ourself, “Do I enjoy my job?” If the answer is yes, excellent; you’re where you should be. If the answer is no, then you would do well to find something you enjoy doing. More on that later.

I am what people think of me. The problem with basing your sense of self-worth on your reputation is that you have no control over anything or anyone but yourself. You have control over your actions and thoughts. You don’t, however, have any control over how somebody responds to those thoughts or actions. Moreover, it’s entirely likely that you’ll find that some people will think poorly of you no matter how correctly you think and act. If you base your sense of worth on the evaluation of others, you will be disappointed.

Who I am is separate from everybody else. Here is probably the biggest cause of loneliness on the planet. We look down at how our skin encapsulates us. We see our thoughts as being uniquely ours. We see our Self as being utterly isolated. Nothing could be farther from the truth! We are bubbles of consciousness born of God / Tao / Spirit. Since we come from the One, how can any of us be separate from it? The ties that bind are forever present. There is no separation.

Who I am is separate from everything that is missing in my life. This belief is an anti-abundance powerhouse. And it’s also absolutely false! All in the universe is an expression of existence born of God /Tao / Source. Science has shown a quality of existence called entanglement in which elementary particles have an inextricable relationship. Entanglement is prevalent throughout our physical universe, which means that everything literally has a physical connection to everything else. And THAT means that you literally have a connection to those things you feel are missing in life. In the most real of senses, you simply need to allow the existing connection to express itself and those things can make their presence felt in your life.

Who I am is separate from God / Tao / Source. This premise is a fundamental belief among many people. I don’t believe this to be truth. If we are born of the One, within a universe created by the One, how can we claim to be separate from it? So many people spend their lives feeling separated and hoping for a way to find their way back when, in fact, they were never separate at all. When you open up to the idea that you are connected to all things, including Source, at all times, you see life from a whole new perspective.

You existed as an intention prior to your existence. All that you experience – the good, the bad and the ugly – are all experiences of Source. You are connected to all things, including abundance! Learn to recognize your connectedness. Learn to love yourself unconditionally and without judgment. Learn to see your worth for the expression of Source’s Perfection that you are. Learn to feel your relationship to everything. Rejoice in the knowledge that you are never alone. And remember …

You are magnificent!

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