One of my favourite techniques in energy healing involves placing my awareness directly within whatever it is on which I’m working. Whether it be clearing a chakra space, rebuilding damaged cartilage in a joint or melting/reforming aspects of an emotional issue, the technique is wonderfully powerful.

There’s a saying, “Where thought goes, energy flows.” Our consciousness transcends normal space-time, travelling via the zero-point field. Instantaneously, whatever we focus on causes our consciousness to directly interact with it. That makes your thoughts a tremendous ally when you choose your thoughts with care.

From a healing perspective, I always work from a perspective of well-being in my client. While there is a place for seeing “what is” and dealing with it directly, e.g., melting a tumour, my overall train of thought is not getting rid of the tumour, my thoughts are all about allowing the body to express its ultimate expression of perfection in the space where the tumour is currently taking up its very temporary residence.

In placing my awareness directly into an afflicted area, the energetic flow of my very consciousness begins to unblock the area. That’s even before I’ve begun any specific work. Just focusing my awareness on the area has a significant effect on it.

We instinctively do this when we’re injured. When we fall and skin our knee, our first instinct is to gasp, accelerate our breathing, focus all our attention on the painful area and place our hand over the “owie”. All these seem like happenstances, but they’re actually very effective healing techniques that we have naturally evolved to do purely on instinct.

Accelerating our breathing raises our energetic vibration. The pain, rather than merely being a symptom of injury, has the purpose of drawing our complete attention to the area that requires energy. That attention creates flow that facilitates and accelerates healing in the area. Placing a hand over the injury also serves to envelop the area in another, complementary energy field. All combine together to assist in our body’s innate healing processes.

If you’re dealing with some physical malady, I encourage you to explore placing your awareness into the area and practising thinking thoughts of calm, complete well-being. Let me know what you discover! And, as always, Living Intentionally is happy to assist you in your quest for well-being in any way we can.

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