January 3, 2011 in Lifestyle, Meditation, Relationships

Tantric Healing

Love is all you need.

As cliché as the above lyric may seem, the fact is there is nearly unimaginable power to be found in love and the pure essence of lovemaking. The shared expression of pure love is one of the most healing aspects one can experience in the corporeal realm.

Tantric meditation is a form of lovemaking that focuses on raising sexual energies as much as possible while delaying (male) orgasm. The higher one can raise sexual energy, the more capacity there is for healing to take place. The idea is for the partners to engage each other from a place of stillness and of giving, with the intention of raising the sexual tension (and, therefore, potential) between them till a point of, well, no return is reached.

This is a game of ultimate win, for the healing potential to be found in such an endeavour is difficult to measure. The healing that emanates from a tantric experience crosses all time, space and dimensions. It is a sacred experience that has the capacity to transcend mortal experience.

A principle difference between simple sex and tantric lovemaking is the focus upon giving. Sharing in the tantric sense is all about giving. Each partner gives to the other, without limit and without any worry about what they shall receive. In giving sexual love so unconditionally, a purity of essence is achieved that is untouchable in any other way.

Lovemaking from this perspective is uplifting instead of exhausting. The more each partner gives, the more each partner gets in return. The result, however, is far greater than the individual parts. Moreover, it is difficult to describe such an experience. It is pure. It is holy.

It is love.

The next time you make love with your partner, make it about giving. Focus on raising the energies between you before your ultimate release. As these energies rise, set an intention of healing for you, your partner and all beings. In doing so, your lovemaking becomes something greater and benefits all life.

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