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New Year’s Affirmations and Afformations

I can see by some of the search-engine phrases in my site stats that a few of you are coming to the site looking for affirmations and afformations related to kicking off the New Year right. Generally, I don’t bother with a special time of year or event outlook on life, but I will take this opportunity to say that any of these affirmations and afformations that you choose to use in place of New Year’s resolutions will be wonderful mantras for your daily life. They really to stand apart from any particular day or time.

To give the uninitiated a quick overview of affirmations and afformations, affirmations are statements made to assert certain desired outcomes. For example, if you wish to encourage wealth to enter your life, you might affirm that, “I am rich beyond my wildest dreams.” An afformation takes the idea of an affirmation and spins it into question form, which takes advantage of the fact that the brain seems to instantly want to find an answer to any questions it encounters. An afformation that follows the same theme as the earlier affirmation might go something like, “Why does money flow so easily into my experience and why do I always have more money than I need at any given time?”

I like using a combination of affirmations, afformations and focused daydreaming/applied meditation to create all the things I wish to include in my reality. I like this approach far more than resolutions because we tend to look at resolutions as make-or-break promises to oneself, and most of us are programmed to be rather unforgiving in viewing our failure to succeed in our resolutions. In contrast, I tend to be entirely forgiving and allowing when working with affirmations and afformations. This makes them very powerful!

Here are a few of my favourite affirmation/afformation combinations:

  • I fully accept who I am in this moment. I am perfect and beautiful in every way. Why is it so easy for me to love myself so completely and unconditionally?
  • Money flows to me in vast abundance. Why do I always have enough money to do all the things I want in life?
  • My life always works out exactly the way I want. Why is it that everything in life goes so smoothly?
  • I am valued and appreciated for all that I offer in life. Why does everybody so wonderfully recognize my worth and contributions?
  • I am healthy, wealthy and abundant. Why is well-being so completely a part of every aspect of my life?
  • I love my partner and my partner loves me. Why do we always find ways to fix our problems that make us both perfectly happy and satisfied?

These are but a few possibilities. For more ideas on how to work with afformations, grab yourself a copy of Noah St. John’s The Great Little Book of Afformations and read/listen to the many fine examples he gives. There are many ways of working with afformations and it only takes a little bit of practice before you’ll start seeing some big results!

Have fun and Happy New Year!

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  1. January 10, 2011 at 11:10 am

    Noah St. John


    Hi Trane: Noah St. John here, the inventor of Afformations and author you quoted in your article.

    Thank you very much for the post. I’m delighted you’re enjoying Afformations and the books.

    Your readers can also get the first 3 chapters of my new book (Free) at


    Hope this helps you, too. Keep me posted…

    Ask away,
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