March 15, 2011 in Events, Health

Increased Radiation Levels Detected In Tokyo

With the southerly wind from Fukushima-ken and more seeming radiation release than originally thought, Tokyo city government officials have announced that increased levels of radiation have been detected in the city. The levels are said to be low enough so as not to be a risk to human life.

Given that the wind is supposed to change direction this afternoon, it’s possible that we may find long-term levels decreasing. That said, there is still a chance of increased levels. Although the levels are low at this time, it’s still advisable, I think, to avoid going outside when possible.

Residents in the Kanto area would be well advised to close windows and hang laundry inside the house. Eat lots of konbu, drink plenty of water and avoid unnecessary travel outside.

Be well!

Updated @ 2011-03-15 15:45 JST (UT +0900): Corrected: The measured radiation in Tokyo was 0.89 mSv. Earlier reported levels were incorrectly attributed to Tokyo from a town in a different prefecture. Such are the risks of real-time blogging. These levels are not expected to cause any health problems.

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