Imagine, if you will, being a landowner with 2+ acres of land. Imagine that you’d tended to it, what amounted to a gravel pit before you got started, adding topsoil and fertilizer until, eventually, you wound up with acres of breathtaking, organic gardens. Wonderful, yes?

Apparently not, if you’re a British Columbia politician. According to a story on TreeHugger, Dirk Becker faces up to 6 months in prison for growing food on his rejuvenated property. The “after” photo above indicates the land that was characterized as unsightly. Unsightly? As compared to the previous gravel pit? It boggles the imagination.

In other news, a Michigan woman was charged for growing vegetables in her front yard. Her charges were dropped by the municipality, but the threat of being charged again for the same “crime” still looms. I find it hard to fathom that people would prefer grass to gardens in the front yard, but whatever.

It all reminds me of an interesting story I heard while I was in Colorado Springs. While I was there, it became news that people would no longer be allowed to hang their clothes out to dry in their back yards. According to news reports, there were enough complaints from homeowners that city officials decided to declare outside clothes lines illegal.

It strikes me as astounding that this could happen. Are people really so sensitive to the sight of Mrs. Parker’s undergarments that they need to complain to city council about it? I wonder if the people who complained have ever had the opportunity to actually experience just how wonderful clothes smell that have been dried under the sun.

Hanging clothes outside is a perfect natural antibacterial treatment. Having the clothes outside under direct sunshine naturally kills viruses and bacteria, and it gives the clothes a scent that simply has not to my knowledge been duplicated by any sort of chemical additives.

You folks who complained about hanging clothes outside or growing vegetables in the garden have, I think, missed the boat. Sad, really.

  1. I can hardly keep my mouth closed. This is insane!!

  2. You can hang your guts in your front yard in my country,
    nobody will even notice.

    • Hi, Gloria.

      Here in Japan, I have to say that it’s commonplace to have all manner of agriculture in the urban space. You can walk down the street not even 5 minutes from my apartment and be beside a rice field. And this is Tokyo!

  3. Down here, you can have a petrol station, a four star hotel, a school, hard currency black market, residential building, farm and a stark naked mad person all adjacent to each other. Hello Trane, You were awake & responded to my post by 11.00pm? surprised. Not your normal waking hours.

  4. Am getting better, i think. I was dragged to hospital for… know what. Then, X-ray and all manner of tests. So, am on prescription med. Will be keying in shortly for the ((((((Global)))))) Just back from ALL Night Prayer Meeting.

  5. I feel good, (though i regret not staying awake during the session) i seem to be the toast of the day today. People are just all over me. Did i gain that from the session?

    • Hi, Gloria. It’s very possible that the session was a part of why you’re so receptive to people, especially if you benefited from some emotional healing during the session.

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