February 25, 2013 in Health, Lifestyle, Nutrition

You Are What You Eat

A photo of two McDonald's burgers, one 14 years old and looks new
Two McDonald’s hamburgers – the left circa 1996, the right from 2008

A big part of what defines us is our diet. Nutrition, exercise, lifestyle and our thoughts work together to create the life we experience. We can’t ignore the quality and quantity of the foods we consume; they play a vital role in our well-being and the health we enjoy. Or don’t.

We’re so used to seeing obese people around us that I think it’s likely that many people don’t even really notice the problem anymore. It’s culturally acceptable for people to be seriously overweight. For one thing, the fast-food culture we’ve created makes it very easy for our health to go astray. Worse than that, though, business interests keep trying to convince us that fast food/processed food isn’t to blame.

To put a fresh perspective on how we lumber along through life, have a look at the following video. Funny, yes, but it offers a deeper message: This is what we look like as we go through the daily motions of our lives.


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