December 30, 2010 in Lifestyle, Manifesting

Through The Looking Glass

As my thinking evolved to recognize certain truths, I found a compulsion to spread those truths to others. This lead to a lot of interesting discussions, debates and, occasionally, arguments. For a long, long time, I vented my frustration regarding the ignorance of those who did not see the light, as it were. My truth, I thought, as absolute.

A lot of years and many arguments and frustrations later, I finally have come to realize that the universe always shows us proof of our beliefs. For that reason, it’s senseless arguing with a sceptic. I confess to believing for many years that arguing with a sceptic was futile due to them being locked into their own ignorance. That belief was, alas, proof of my own ignorance.

Source always shows us proof of our thoughts. Through drawing to us that with which we are in alignment, each and every one of us is given continued reinforcement of our belief system. As our thoughts are formed by new input, we may pick up new ideas from the periphery of our experience. It is through this peripheral exposure that we have the opportunity to shape new thoughts and, therefore, beliefs.

I used to enjoy debate. Spirited debate (aka arguing) even. Tearing down my opponent’s arguments and showing the correctness of my own facts and postulations was almost a way of life when interacting with certain circles of people. These days, however, in discovering that Source always shows us what we already believe, I’ve come to take more solace in agreeing to disagree.

Oh, I’m still delighted to express why I may feel a certain way, but I’m not so inclined to argue the point anymore. I have learned that people tend to listen a lot more carefully when you speak softly. With a whisper, you can almost guarantee that you’ll be heard.

We all have our truths, each and every one of us. It is egotistical and presumptuous to assume that one truth is any more valid than another. The universe is a looking glass that shows us what we already know to be true. It is, therefore, a worthless endeavour to attempt to convince anybody otherwise.

Of course, some truths are more equal than others. To that end, if we are to truly teach, we must speak softly and allow the listener to take or leave what we say as he or she are wont to do. Each of us is a sceptic in our own right and will only be ready to accept a new reality when our thoughts have evolved sufficiently to allow it. The ultimate teacher only leads one toward a new understanding, yet does not decree what that understanding shall be.

In the meantime, take solace in the ultimate truth: We’re all right in the present moment of our journey.

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