choiceHello again, beautiful people! I hope that you’re well today. As my Thursday morning kicks into gear, I’ve been thinking about the whole idea of the journey versus the destination. The difference is really an important one when it comes to enjoying a happy and fulfilling life.

These days, it seems that our global consciousness is increasingly preoccupied with results. For many of us, achieving our goals is of paramount importance. And while there’s no question that reaching a goal can be important, I think some of us might be getting so bogged down in achieving a particular result that we fail to ensure that we enjoy the journey from where we are to where we want to be.

One of the things I recalled this morning was a quote from Abraham-Hicks that states, “You can never have a happy ending at the end of an unhappy journey; it just doesn’t work out that way.” It’s true, too. Our feelings in the moment are the currency of the experiences we have in the future. So, if you want to have a happy ending, you need to have a happy journey. That doesn’t mean you cannot have any pitfalls or setbacks along the way. It does, however, mean that the overall tone of the journey must be positive in order to create that positive desired outcome.

In a results-oriented society, the tendency is to be so focused on the goal that the experience of the journey itself is considered to be inconsequential and unimportant. And nothing could possibly be further from the truth. The emotions you experience in the here and now serve to actively create the experiences you draw to you in the future. So, if you’re bogged down in stress, fear and/or unhappiness along your journey, you cannot help but draw to you more of the same events that will cause you to experience stress, fear and unhappiness. If you want to experience joy, peace, happiness and healthfulness, you need to live in the Now in ways that draw to you events and experiences that will create more of the same.

This aspect of experiences in the Now creating our experiences in our future is the cornerstone of the Law of Attraction. Whatever we’re experiencing in our present moment is an energetic match — a mirror-like reflection, if you will — of our thoughts, beliefs and actions from our past. If you want to know how you got your life as it is in this moment, look back in your past to see how you’ve drawn that to you. And if you want to know how your life will be in the future, look to your present.

This particular aspect of the Law of Attraction is essential to grasp when it comes to improving any aspect of your life. Whether it be physical health or relationship happiness doesn’t matter. The mechanisms are still the same: Our thoughts, emotions and actions of today create our experiences in the future. So, if you’re filled with anxiety and stress now, you will draw to you experiences that are a vibrational match to that anxiety and stress in the future.

Focus On Finding Your Bliss

The secret to The Secret is finding your bliss. Be in your joy. The longer you can hold an emotional state of joy, the more events you’ll draw to you that will create more joy. If you’re currently walking a journey of healing, understand that filling your life with as much joy now will draw to you experiences in the future that will reflect that. Which, of course, suggests that the more joy you allow into your life now will necessarily involve creating a healthier you in the future.

Don’t at all be concerned with minor setbacks. Life is a cycle of up and down, of positive and negative. For every peak there is a corresponding valley and for every valley there is a corresponding peak on its way. While we’re enjoying our peaks, it’s important to release any stress about potential valleys coming into our experience. And should we be deep in the trough of a valley, it’s important for us to be enthusiastically looking forward to the coming peak.

Every cycle we experience has something valuable to impart. When we consciously choose to look forward to the lessons we’re going to learn, we embrace the idea of adventure and avail ourselves to infinite opportunity. Take care to avoid being seduced into a victim mentality whenever things get a bit tough. Instead, look to your past thoughts and actions to understand how you became a vibrational match to the experiences you’re having today. And then take the necessary steps to elevate your ‘vibrational outlook’ to ensure your future experiences are of a higher quality.

Raising The Bar

While the peaks and valleys of life are unavoidable, the quality of our thoughts have a profound impact on the ‘zero point’ of our experiential sine wave. If we have consistently low-energy thoughts, we lower our median point, which likewise lowers both the overall peaks and valleys that we experience. Similarly, having overall higher-energy thoughts will raise the median point of our experiences such that our highs will be higher and our lows will not be quite as low. Everything shifts to a higher baseline.

Ultimately, it is this shifting of our median baseline that defines the karma we experience. Karma is the expression of Law of Attraction and how our overall energy draws to us our experiences. You have profound power to change the quality of the life you live. And if you fully focus on creating joy right now, you will draw to you higher-quality experiences in the future that will serve to perpetuate that joy.

Remember: If you want to have that happy ending, focus on having the best journey that you possibly can.

Much love. Namaste.


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