January 17, 2011 in Lifestyle, Manifesting

You Always Get What You Need

One of the marvels of positive thinking combined with non-attachment to outcome is that you tend to always get what you need when you need it. Whether it be that parking space in front of the theatre on Saturday night or that new client that ensures you can keep that temp staff on the payroll, letting Source figure out the how just always seems to work.

I’ve been going through some financial challenges lately, and something always turns up at exactly the right moment to carry me through. Recently, life pointed at the opportunity of some changes in my living situation, but money appeared to be a roadblock. Without having any idea how things would turn out, I just trusted that things would be fine.

It didn’t take long before an opportunity presented itself that I did not expect. I am grateful. Thank you, Source, for once again showing how well you take care of me.


  1. January 26, 2011 at 11:53 am

    lyn peel


    I know that it is currently popular to not be attached to any outcome however this may just be a different way of thinking in the sense that “by waiting and not jumping into decisions other opportunies present themselves” and nothing more.

    Part of motivation in the past included being programmed to a certain focal point and not letting go of that destination. Today we find that not being programmed allows us the space to consider other alternatives as they arise.

    1. January 26, 2011 at 1:49 pm



      I think your use of “not being programmed” very nicely describes the nuance of non-attachment to outcome. Non-attachment doesn’t mean sitting there and doing nothing. For one thing, all the thinking in the world won’t create anything except a whole bunch of thoughts. One must take inspired action to create their dreams; otherwise, all we have are fantasies.

      Non-attachment to outcome means that we can be flexible in the pursuit of our goals. We see the natural flow of events and can easily change direction with that flow. By not being attached to a particular succession of events, i.e., we focus on the end result and don’t worry so much about how we get it, we can react nearly instantaneously to sudden changes of circumstance. For people who are fixated on a particular path to a goal, such changes can be devastating sources of stress. And stress is a principle detractor from being in harmony with the flow of Source.

      So, for me, non-attachment to outcome becomes this huge playground of possibilities and opportunities for inspired action. Right now, I’m reaping the benefits of availing myself to changes in the flow. Am I where I thought I’d be 6 months ago? Yes and no. Yes in so far as I’m where I wanted to end up, but I’m sure not doing what I expected.

      The uncertainty of how one travels their path through life is one of the things that make living so much fun. Non-attachment is, in my opinion, a huge part of that.

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