A few days ago, I found out about something called Intentional Resting, which is an incredibly simple healing modality that was created by Dan Howard. I immediately recognized its usefulness and definitely recommend checking out the site and its intro video.

Culturally, few of us really learn to relax. Moreover, many movers and shakers promote the idea that we should constantly go, go, go. Intentional Resting is a way for us to learn, within just a few seconds, to unwind and heal pretty much any aspect of ourselves with simple phrases/intentions.

Highly recommended.

  1. The traditional art includes exercise and meditation techniques to improve overall health of an individual. it not only treats a specific problem but also aides in improving the overall health, the well being

    • I wouldn’t consider Intentional Resting a traditional art. The basic technique only takes about 30 seconds. It is not anything like T’ai Chi or QiGong.

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