Sometimes, I just have to shake my head in disbelief and laugh at myself. And while laughing, I get to smile as I am experiencing a gentle reminder from the universe that I really should be paying attention in the moment instead of living off somewhere in the future or the past. Today was one of those days. So, for that matter, was yesterday. Apparently, the lesson from yesterday didn’t sink in, so I got to learn it all over again.

Yes, it was exactly the same lesson. Heh.

In the course of my work, I drag my MacBook pretty much everywhere. It goes to client offices, on trips, out to the park … Wherever I go, it tends to go. It is where I track my client hours, do my accounting, most of my reading, composing music and writing. It is both a tool and a vehicle for my muse. As such, it is a central point of my daily experience.

Yesterday, I got home only to realize that I left behind my A/C adapter. “No worries,” I thought. I dimmed my screen and went about my business, easily making it through the evening and this morning before grabbing the adapter and being able to plug in again.

This afternoon, however, I found myself running mostly on battery, so when it was time to return home, I was nowhere near a full charge. Before leaving the office, I was busy worrying about all manner of things, including buying groceries and getting my shoe repaired on the way home. Sure enough, as I sat on the train, I had this sneaking suspicion that I’d forgotten the adapter yet again.

After a cursory check of the computer bag, I discovered that I was, indeed, correct.

It’s a mildly amusing story and the consequences of my actions aren’t really significant. The underlying lesson is, however, significant in that it shows just how messed up things can get when we’re not fully engaged in the moment and just going through the motions of paying attention when, in fact, our minds are fully occupied elsewhere. While the only penalty I’m facing tonight and tomorrow morning is some reduced computer time, it could have been an entirely different set of circumstances. It’s just this sort of “brain fade” that causes car accidents and the like. And it’s why one should never text on their cell phone while driving or even walking.

Being mindful – being fully engaged in the moment – is well worth practising. For one thing, as you engage your conscious mind and subconscious mind in an event, you experience it on many more levels. You do things better when engaged, too. I try to be present, but it seems that I’m still prone to distraction.

I hope I remember my adapter tomorrow. 🙂

  1. Trane I hope you remember your adapter tomorrow too!!!

    Getting older in years is about becoming a little less focused on practical things for me anyway. I used to be super organised and highly geared to the rat race of the legal world in Sydney. These days there is too much going on in my mind to allow me to deal with everything so I accept that and institute little “fail safe” techniques. These techniques allow me to try and do everything that I wish to do. For example, if it were me I would have bought a second adapter so that there was one at home and one in the office. This would allow me to be free of those annoying practicalities that everyday life imposes!! [very big smile]


    • Hi, Lyn.

      Today, I’m feeling very much on my game, so I’m feeling pretty confident that I won’t forget the adapter. A second adapter would, indeed, be convenient, but I seldom get myself into trouble. *knock on wood* 🙂

  2. That’s why my Macbook Ac adapter is physically attached to my computer bag. 🙂

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