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Diversity Is Good For You

Today’s message is short and sweet: Get out there and do something different. It doesn’t matter what you do or where you do it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a matter of wearing different eyeliner than you’d usually choose, trying a different dressing on your salad or […]

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Food With Integrity

Integrity is something that I take very seriously. It very literally defines our interactions with others. It goes hand-in-hand with authenticity and, in my opinion, determines the trustworthiness of a person, business or organization. Restaurants are in an interesting position. Their market positioning can strongly influence whether […]

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Fukushima Update: Leaks and the Cost of Clean-up

In the last few weeks, the owner-operator of the Fukushima nuclear power plant complex, TEPCO, was forced to concede that radiation emissions from the plant itself has greatly increased. This would seem to coincide with an upswing of seismic activity in the area. While the temblors have […]

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Keep Trying for GMO Labeling

Last year, the challenge was to get Prop 37 passed in California. Thanks to some very clever people working to promote GMO tossing billions of dollars in an “anti-knowledge” campaign, Prop 37 did not pass. It was close, though. Very, very close. This year, citizens of Washington […]

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Getting Away From It All

If you’re anything like me, there are times when you’ll crave the opportunity to escape from the daily grind and get some time to recuperate and rejuvenate. For many of us, those opportunities don’t come nearly often enough and nor do we generally get the chance to […]

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Can We Sustainably Build With Wood?

Is it possible for us to utilize new technologies to enable us to responsibly and sustainably build with wood? Michael Green, an environmentally conscious architect from Vancouver, thinks so. Green warns, however, that current building codes stifle the ability to innovate and explore these ideas. “When the […]

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Better Living Through Chemistry

Human beings are a funny lot. Since the 1940s, we’ve studiously developed and deployed over 75,000 unique chemicals for use in food, water, our environment, our pets and even our own bodies. A lot of people are of the opinion that there are agencies at work that […]

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Time Management for Fun and Profit

Over the last few months, my life has been a whirlwind of activity. Most of it has been planned, but there has been no shortage of unplanned interruptions to go along with my already full schedule. Some of it has been unwanted, e.g., a client project that […]

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Strength Training: Turning Back the Biological Clock

How old can a human being live to become? That’s a complex question. There isn’t a simple set of criteria that determines how long you’ll be around to tickle your grandchildren and regale them with tales from your youth. I’ve seen a significant number of citations that […]

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Hidden Costs Series: Light Pollution

Very few of us ever get to experience real darkness. In fact, many city dwellers go through their entire lives having never experienced a dark sky. This can have all sorts of interesting consequences, including stars and planets being reported to authorities as being UFOs during blackouts. […]

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