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Dancing With Cancer: Take Back Your Health

Cancer. The word instills fear in the hearts of many who have been touched by this event in life. Cancer has visited my family many times over the years. Some have lived to tell about it. Others have fallen by the wayside. And others, still, dance with

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Are You Ready For The Antibiotic Apocalypse?

CAFOs (confined-animal feeding operations) are the New World’s answer to conventional farming practices. Within CAFO space, animals are routinely administered antibiotics as a prophylactic treatment against disease. As well, antibiotics are administered as a means of finishing the produce — inducing rapid weight gain — in the weeks

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Brain Health and the Food You Eat

One of the biggest health issues we’re seeing in recent years is the dramatic increase in disorders that involve myelin sheath deterioration. The myelin sheath is a protective covering for our neurons that is vital for their correct function. Demyelination can be caused by various issues and

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